There Are New Mounts Coming to Mists of Pandaria. Like Dragons.

Want a pony? How very old-fashioned of you. This isn't 2006, you know. It's time to upgrade to demanding a dragon, and World of Warcraft has you covered.

Blizzard has just shown off all the new mounts coming with Mists of Pandaria's launch next month, and there's not a pony to be seen among the lot. There are, however, little death zeppelins, giant birds of prey, some kind of creepy bug, a shaggy yak, and, by far my favorite, dragons—sorry, Cloud Serpents—in an array of colors.


So, when you want to go faster, ride up into the sky, or simply show off with your shiny new pandaren? The dragons have got you covered. Have a quick peek at some of the most interesting below, or hit up the official site for the full set.

Get Ready to Saddle Up [Blizzard]


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