There Are "A Lot Of Factors" For Borderlands Demo

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Trying before you buy. You might not be able to do that with upcoming multi-platform shooter Borderlands.


According to Gearbox's Mikey Neumann, "We talk about a demo every day. We would love to do a demo. There's obviously factors there. If and when we do one, I don't know if it'd be pre-launch or post-launch, because ...there's a lot of factors there."

There are a lot of factors? There must be — Neumann said that twice.

"We would love to promise a demo, we can't quite yet, we just want to get the game done," he adds. "That's always the hardest thing for developers to do—you never quite know how the time's going to work out. We're doing really well, but I can't promise it."


Borderlands will be out this October.

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factors : do you put all MILLIONS of guns in the demo ? do you limit the # of guns in the demo ? can you really just break the system for getting only a small # of guns ?

it's close to an open world game ... do you only give one section for doing one mission in the demo, but there won't be running around, not giving the real feel of the game ... if you give 1 mission, people will want a city to trade in items, even if it's a demo

it's complicated for an rpg, even more for this type of game, a type that is totally new