Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Producer Wants To Make Music Games For Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger

Illustration for article titled emTheatrhythm Final Fantasy/em Producer Wants To Make Music Games For emDragon Quest/em, emChrono Trigger/em

The producer of the Final Fantasy music game wants to make a Dragon Quest music game. And a Saga music game. And maybe even a Chrono Trigger music game.

Theathrythm Final Fantasy, a Square Enix-helmed 3DS game that blends the button-tapping rhythm of Elite Beat Agents with the gorgeous soundtracks of Final Fantasy, has earned a solid reception in Japan so far. (It'll be out in the U.S. this summer.) Solid enough, producer Ichiro Hazama told me at E3 today, that he wants to draw from Square Enix's robust library to make even more.


"It's not confirmed yet, but I do personally hope that I can do something related to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for other titles, for other games," Hazama said.

He cited the wildly popular Dragon Quest and the experimental Saga series as games with soundtracks that would work well for rhythm games. I suggested Chrono Trigger, which immediately got Hazama excited. Another possibility: Xenogears.

Hazama also said he'd love to make music games for the non-main Final Fantasy titles, like Crystal Chronicles. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy only features tracks from the numbered games.

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I hope they don't just redo the same gameplay with different game music though.

I'd prefer something innovative for the music game genre like Sound Shapes, Chime or Audiosurf.