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Sega has given its licensing blessing to the makers of the Wii doppelganger Zone 40, resulting in the Zone Sega, a cheap, wireless gaming alternative that plays 20 of your favorite Sega Genesis games... and so much more!


Unfortunately, that so much more appears to be built-in dreck like Fight & Lose, Bomber and Darts, with the repackaged Genesis titles the main draw, giving you Zone Sega owners the sensation of playing Ecco the Dolphin with a Wii Remote and a cheap replacement console. According to Pocket Lint, the Zone Sega also plays your cartridge-based favorites on top of Flicky, E-SWAT and Sonic & Knuckles for just £39.95.

Look for it at a UK retailer and fine import shops near you some time this summer.


New Sega console hitting this summer [Pocket Lint via GoNintendo]

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