"The XCOM universe is expanding," boasts a recently added post on 2K Games' official blog. It seems we can expect more information on the continually delayed XCOM shooter soon—a welcome change after the complete silence following the sudden disappearance of the game earlier this month.

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It still infuriates me how 2K caved under the pressure of the worst kind of petulant fanboys who wanted *anything* with the XCOM brand name to be *exactly* like the original. Even though Enemy Unknown was being developed they still managed to force X-COM to put on the backburner. Now I'm concerned that 2K bringing X-COM (or 'The Bureau') back out into the open will result in a game that isn't anything like the character/story driven RPG shooter they showed back at E3. Instead it will be an over-actiony COD shooter, similar to how Overstrike became "Fuse".