The Xbox Video Game About The Gulf Oil Spill Isn't Very Fun

When oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, who makes an Xbox 360 video game about it? The people at Super Boise, who skewer BP and... Sarah Palin? I shot some video of the game in action.

This is a $1 game offered via the Xbox 360's Indie Games program. You can download the demo through the Xbox Live games marketplace for free or plunk down 80 Microsoft points to play it at all difficulty levels — including Gulf Oil Crisis difficulty.

Sorry to spoil the video for you folks, but it's a tower defense game and is not much more fun than you'd expect. I'm all for people making video games out of the news, though. Why not?


The spill in the gulf began shortly after April 20 when an explosion on the rig Deepwater Horizon killed 11 rig workers. Oil has spilled at a rate that has been continuously revised upward, leading the disaster to be classified as the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

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