The Xbox One & PS4 Have Officially Killed The Old-Fashioned CRT TV

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When the Xbox 360 and PS3 launched, the world was just making the transition to high definition TV sets. There were growing pains, and the feeling that it'd be years until enough people owned one that they would become mandatory. Guess that time is now.


While the Wii U - and let's be real, it's basically last-gen tech - soldiers on with component output, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will only output video signals via HDMI. The Xbox One specifically states that it needs a "720p or higher HDMI-compatible TV", while the PS4's spec sheet says the console only outputs via HDMI.

Most of you - especially those who will be early adopters - are probably fine. Wondering what all the fuss is about. But there are still plenty of people gaming on CRT TVs (there were even CRT HD sets), and some (we've got someone on staff) who have a HDTV, but an older one which only accepts component cables.

On the downside? There are people who aren't just going to need a new console, but a new TV. On the upside? With HD being mandatory, we won't get a repeat of those problems where some people couldn't read the text in certain games.

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You know, I really don't understand the people defending the Xbox One.

I myself live in an area with a constant internet connection, an area where I'd have access to all of the services it provides and would be able to live under the rules fairly comfortably. Yet I am refusing to buy it this generation and I shall try to draw others away as well. It all comes down to a matter of principle. The main problem a lot of people have with the console is the forced DRM. People are mad about used games, though the online connection is the biggest stickler.

Some of you may say 'Well for me it doesn't affect me at all' and that is very true. You and MANY other people live under those conditions where it is perfectly acceptable. Yet... The main reason me and so many others are against it comes down to principle and the precedent it sets for the gaming industry as a whole.

By buying this machine you are essentially telling the industry that it is 100% okay to restrict you to online-only to make sure that you aren't pirating, that you aren't buying as many used games, that you are completely okay with these things. And if the masses buy up the system and live comfortably over it, it becomes the new standard. And then they shall seek even more control.

Last gen, Microsoft forced people to pay to play online services. Sony didn't. And yet gamers were perfectly willing to give Microsoft money to play online, in a peer to peer service. Sony proved that you don't need people to pay online and it remains true, though now seeing that last generation was oh-so-willing to give money to play online for Xbox, they moved and added in a cheap monthly fee to their console. Am I okay with it? No. Can I put up with the price? Yes, absolutely. The price is cheap, yet just because everything is comfy for me does NOT mean it applies to anyone else in the world. There hasn't been much backlash to Sony forcing people to pay for online and that's because we grew so used to it with the Xbox that it isn't that big of a deal anymore. That and the whole lesser of two evils deal.

So I ask people: Why are you willing to sign away your rights to get at some of these exclusives shown? By buying the Xbox One it only sets a worse standard for the industry as a whole.