Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Is The Good Kind Of Crazy, Costs $150

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Much more than just a stereo headphone jack, Microsoft’s newly-revealed Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a modular, remap-able and tweak-able work of engineering art.


We knew there was a new Xbox One controller coming, but this is much more than wse expected. Bits come off and move around. Steering wheel controller-style paddles in the back can be tweaked and respositioned. The thumbsticks are new. The d-pad is barely a d-pad anymore. What the hell is going on?

It kinda reminds me of Mad Catz’s modular controller from back in 2011, only taken to the next level. I shall need several of these once fall rolls around.

So why is it so expensive? Because it’s packed with features, basically. To name a few:

  • You have the option of swapping up to six stainless steel thumbsticks onto your controller, each with a different size/shape/heights. Microsoft boasts that this can help you “improve accuracy, speed, and reach.”
  • The paddles on the back lets you do more intricate maneuvers without having to take your thumb off the thumbstick.
  • The triggers help you fire faster, and you have a “hair trigger lock” that lets you tweak your rate of fire.
  • You’ll be able to adjust your sensitivity on the controller, and reassign buttons. And if you have specific preferences for different games, you can make up to 255 controller profiles that save your favorite settings. The controller itself lets you swap between two profiles, too.

It’s still a tad pricey, but the controller does offer more than your typical specialized controller.



My guess was right, Microsoft clicked that PC is theirs to take seeings as almost every gaming PC has windows and now they’re going to cater to both xbox one and PC as one platform, the best move they could do. Open the xbox one to work with PCs at a whole new level, (mods on xbox one, what?) and hopefully make their exclusives xbox one/PC. It gives an extra platform to make profit on without even having to make hardware.