The Xbox 360 That Thinks It's The End Of The World

The Xbox 360 was recently redesigned to make the thing look better. More stylish. If, instead, you'd like to lock it away behind a giant (and slightly terrifying) sci-fi gas mask, well, have we got the deal for you.

This is the C11 XBOX360 MLG Vault, which may look like an Xbox 360 case mod — and a grand, expensive one at that — but is actually a simple case, one that clips over the outside of your existing console to make it look you're a hardcore PC gamer on the lam from PC land, and you're hiding out in Xbox 360 town.

Beyond the awful aesthetics, complete with a very apocalyptic, very Half-Life 2-looking mask that does...nothing, there's a purpose to the Vault: it can "lock" access to your Xbox 360, and also provides a handy rack for your headset and controller.


It's $90, and if you think you know an easy way to remove that stupid head off the side of it, you can grab one here (or, for $60, a less terrifying version without the face.

C11 XBOX360 MLG Vault [Calibur, via TDW]


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