The Xbox 360 was recently redesigned to make the thing look better. More stylish. If, instead, you'd like to lock it away behind a giant (and slightly terrifying) sci-fi gas mask, well, have we got the deal for you.

This is the C11 XBOX360 MLG Vault, which may look like an Xbox 360 case mod — and a grand, expensive one at that — but is actually a simple case, one that clips over the outside of your existing console to make it look you're a hardcore PC gamer on the lam from PC land, and you're hiding out in Xbox 360 town.

Beyond the awful aesthetics, complete with a very apocalyptic, very Half-Life 2-looking mask that does...nothing, there's a purpose to the Vault: it can "lock" access to your Xbox 360, and also provides a handy rack for your headset and controller.

It's $90, and if you think you know an easy way to remove that stupid head off the side of it, you can grab one here (or, for $60, a less terrifying version without the face.

C11 XBOX360 MLG Vault [Calibur, via TDW]