The Worst Martial Artists In The World

Think of this as the internet's best collection of the worst Street Fighter bonus rounds.

I think one there at the end, where the dude falls down the stairs, is faked. The rest? Embarrassingly, painfully real.


Ultimate Martial Arts Fails Compilation 2013 [Uniformedia, via Geekologie]

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Sniper Gillespie

Fatboy up top failed to understand that car windows are made to withstand blunt force. They're reinforced with carbon and plastic in between multiple layers of bonded glass. If he used a sharp emergency hammer (one of those spikey ones whose handles' also cut through seat belts), that would be a different issue. The other thing is, look at his form, he's putting all of his power in striking fast but when his fist makes touches the glass, that power isn't transferred to his target because if you notice he's not focusing on one pressure point or one strike point on the glass. As soon as he makes contact, his fist wobbles and his arms slides across it up to his elbow. He really is the world's worst martial artist.

By the way, Karate is the world's most useless martial arts. It's mostly just for demonstrations. If you want to really learn how to defend yourself, go with Brazilian Jui jitsu, Krav Maga, or kick boxing.