The Worst Kind Of League Of Legends Teammate

“Is this guy gonna rage at me the whole game?” the unfortunate soul asks. Yes. Yes he is.


League of Legends player and YouTuber Taha Iftikhar uploaded a short clip from one of his recent games that shot to the top of the hugely popular game’s influential subreddit, likely due to the nerve it struck for showcasing the most infuriating type of teammate to have.

You can watch the 90-second clip above. Pay close attention to dialogue between Thresh (Taha) and his lane-mate Caitlyn. The Cait player never seems to stop digging into him for one reason or another, even after he neatly carries the two of them through killing both opponents in the lane, effectively saving his teammate’s life in the process.

The best part comes at the very end, when the Thresh player defends himself by saying: “i made us win.”

“no,” the Cait player responds. “nami did.”


As with any moment in League of Legends, there are innumerable nuances to consider. Thresh is technically supposed to be the support character, for instance, so maybe you could argue that he really should’ve hammered their two opponents down but left their almost-dead carcasses for Cait to finish off so she could get the credit for it. And he did admit in the very title of his video that he was late to the lane the two of them were meant to co-op together, so maybe some of Cait’s frustration and nonstop blaming was justified.

Still, you can’t really excuse the Cait player for being a total jerk—especially given how Thresh doesn’t return any of his barb’s in the moment to make it a full-on “circle of blame.” That’s what makes these kinds of League players so goddamn infuriating whenever you encounter them. Whenever something goes wrong, they immediately look to the closest possible teammate and start blaming them. They don’t take their head out of the game completely to straight-up troll their allies or throw the game. But that almost makes it worse, because if they did that they’d be much easier to dismiss entirely. Instead they stick around, pushing your buttons over, and over, and over again.

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I’ve started muting anyone who does anything toxic almost immediately.

It’s better for everyone. Anything that person needs to say relevant to the game, can be said using the ping system.

I don’t waste my time with them anymore, so not worth it.