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The World's Most Dangerous Fireworks Festival Looks, Well, Unsafe

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As far as fireworks festivals go, they don't get much more dangerous than this.

Held annually in Tainan City, Taiwan at the end of Chinese New Year, the festival features thousands of bottle rockets launched from a "beehive" to cleanse evil spirits and bring good fortune.

No wonder this has been called "the most dangerous fireworks festival in the world." However, not all the events during the festival are this perilous.


Have a look at the video below from YouTuber user alxphaneuf and website Geekologie.

People, however, are wearing motorcycle helmets, covers over their necks and long sleeves as well as pants, because the last thing they want is bad fortune.


A Notoriously Dangerous Fireworks Festival [alxphaneuf@YouTube via Geekologie]

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