The World's Largest LEGO Set? Google Maps.

Go to the Build with Chrome Project with your Chrome browser. Pick a plot of land on Google Maps. Craft your finest LEGO creation. Share it with the world. This is a beautiful, dangerous thing.

Originally created by a team of Australians that shall forever be known as "Team of Really Great Australians, No Seriously", the wonderful time-wasting mixture of LEGO blocks and WebGL is now available for the world to play in their computer or Android-based Chrome browsers.


"So how did you get fired, Fahey?" Cut, paste.

Okay, so my creation isn't very good, but I was so incredibly excited to stumble upon this that I'd figured I'd tell you all about it before diving in too deep. Already my local map is speckled with fanciful works of LEGO art, so I've got to act fast if I wish to leave my mark.

You can read more about the Build With Chrome project at Google's blog, but why waste time? Go to and start filling the world with LEGO right now.

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