The World's Fastest Shovel Knight Player (So Far)

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Playing through Shovel Knight earlier this year made me feel like a badass. "I still have my old school Megaman 2 chops!" I thought to myself. But then I remembered that speedrunners exist, and now my paltry win in the game doesn't feel nearly as cool.

But that's ok, because holy crap look at this speedrun! Above, BustahWuff sets a new any% world record for the game by beating it in 48:35. Skip ahead to 12:25 to see the run. It's pretty hypnotic to watch and his reaction when he finally pulls it off is really moving.

As with most games that are fairly new to the speedrunning community, I'm sure this victory will eventually be beaten — there's always new tricks to find and new corners to cut.

Bravo, man!

BustahWuff via r/speedruns

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Oh man. I've been hyped about speedruns of this game ever since I beat it in a very non-impressive time with around 80 deaths total. I can't wait for the next Games Done Quick event.