The World's Biggest Games Show Isn't In Germany. Not Any More.

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For a few years now, Germany's GamesCom event has boasted it's the largest public gaming show on Earth, with attendance figures besting those of the former champion, the Tokyo Game Show.


Well, both those events just got taken down a peg.

At the Asia Game Show in Hong Kong last week, 472,000 people went through the gates over four days, which blitzes the GamesCom tally of 275,000 (and TGS' figure of just over 222,000).


Asia Game Show 2011 Sees Record Attendance [Gamasutra]

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And yet the US still doesn't have a real trade show open to the public. Yeah I know there's PAX, but as cool as it is, it's no E3 or TGS.

I don't see why they couldn't run E3 for a week and have the first 3 days reserved for professionals and then have the last 4 days open to the public. Obviously if they did that they would have to move the show to a better place, like Vegas. I still don't understand why E3 isn't in Vegas. Downtown LA is insufferable. Vegas on the other hand has plenty of great hotels and things to do after the show ends for the day.