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The World Is Under Tetromino Attack In Tetris: The Movie

Hey, if a game as old-school as Battleship can get its own feature film, why not Tetris?


That's the question asked by youtubers Warialasky. Since they couldn't really come up with a reason why not, they've posted this hilarious (fake) trailer that mixes the familiar "alien shadows of doom" beats of Independence Day and Battle: Los Angeles, some excellent Michael Bay spin-cam and, well, Tetris pieces.

"I did not create Tetris. I was but... the messenger. I was so wrong."

This reminds me of Patrick Jean's Pixels, which was simultaniously creepy and also very funny. Hey, let's watch that one again, while we're here:

You know, I'd probably watch either of these films if they actually got made into full-length features. Just saying.


(Thanks, Casen!)

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Bringing back the classics. :)