The World Deserves A Great Calvin & Hobbes Documentary. Maybe This One.

If you've got a heart beating somewhere in that bruised, battered chest of yours, you probably love Calvin & Hobbes. A couple of weeks ago while perusing a bookstore, I walked past the new complete collection of Bill Watterson's famous comics. I saw Calvin on the cover, balancing on a fallen tree alongside his faithful tiger Hobbes, and my heart pretty much stopped beating. I almost fell over.


Watterson himself may be something of a recluse (or at least, he doesn't do interviews and is notoriously protective of his characters and their likenesses), but that hasn't stopped years of love from boiling over into Dear Mr. Watterson, a new documentary that's raising money on Kickstarter. (They've already blown past their $50K funding goal, so this documentary seems like it's gonna get made.)

You can watch the concept video for the film above. I'm gonna go back and re-read Scientific Progress Goes 'Boink', because I thiiiink that might be my favorite of the books. I'm not sure. That or Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons. Maybe? Oh hell I can't remember. Guess I'll have to read 'em all.

What's your favorite Calvin & Hobbes book? How about your favorite extended "adventure" from within a book? (I think mine is The Duplicator.) Do you think that, once they got older, Calvin and Suzie wound up getting together? Feel free to discuss Calvin, Hobbes, or anything else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting, and watch out for tiger attacks.



Can someone please explain me why everyone is so moist for this comic strip? Roughly three quarters of the comic strips consisted in four panels in which the first three of them was Calvin yapping non-stop and then Hobbes says a sassy one-liner that closes the discussion.

Granted, my favourite Calvin & Hobbes are the snowmen. Everything else is blank noise to me.