The Witcher Headed For The Consoles

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This developer diary says it's for The Witcher: Rise of the Wolf. Never heard of it? Neither have we. The diary, however, says it's the console adaptation of previously PC-only The Witcher.

Game designer Jakob Stilinsky says that the console version (for PS3 and 360) will be a little slicker. It'll feature extensive use of motion-capture for the character animations, have better lighting and environmental effects, improved enemy AI and full achievement and trophy support.

Seeing as this game is yet to be officially announced (this obviously being a leaked promo), we've tagged this as rumour until Atari make things a little more official. Just in case there's one person in the world who thought it'd be funny to fake a leaked developer diary for the console port of a Polish PC role-playing game.


[via Eurogamer]

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Hm, I don't see a problem with this. As a laptop-only owner, I've been missing out on most PC-exclusive games this gen.

Good to know the PC's losing another exclusive. :P