The Witcher 3 Comes To Switch This Year

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E3 2019E3 2019It's time for the biggest gaming show of the year. We've got articles, videos, podcasts and maybe even a GIF or two.

Never again will you have to decide between playing The Witcher 3 and leaving the house, because The Witcher 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Announced at today’s E3 Nintendo Direct, CD Projekt Red’s excellent RPG The Witcher 3 will come to Nintendo Switch in 2019. The Complete Edition will include the two story DLCs, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, and 16 other free DLCs. I’ve got over 200 hours in The Witcher 3, but it looks like I’ll be starting again, again.

I’m so happy.

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I Love Big TDs

I’ll be that guy: they acted like that was footage from a screen, but it was poorly superimposed imagery. Do not go in expecting it to look that good.

If you have 200 hours in, why are you starting fresh on a suboptimal experience?!