The Windy Apple

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Welcome back to weekdays, Kotaku readers. Let's christen this work week with our nightly open thread, which is coming to you live from New York on a Monday night.

I too have joined Mr. Brian Crecente in New York City, setting up shop at Gawker HQ where the Gawker Big Board looms. It's a great opportunity to work more closely with Crecente and New York native Stephen Totilo, whilst squeezing in the kind of fun that only meetings and reader meet-ups can offer. Is anyone joining us at Barcade in Brooklyn on Tuesday evening? If so, I might buy you a beer.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves about these news items or any others.

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(pulls out a large bar. It has an infinite number taps, which allows for every (legal) drink known to mankind to be served)

Allright, those of us with finals, grab a drink and talk!

(Pulls out a glass of tea to help with her stomach) 2 take home exams and an essay due Thursday... then I have finals proper next week (4 of them to be exact... yeah, taking 6 classes). I know I just have to stick it out a little more but I'm exhausted already and I just want to relax...