As teased over the weekend, First 4 Figures is now accepting previews for the first in its The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker statue line, and what better way to start a new line than with the final boss?

First 4 Figures can't stop making amazing Ganondorf statues. Their Twilight Princess Ganondorf was a glorious monstrosity, and now this beautiful guy right here.

Twin swords? Check. Stumpy little cel-shaded legs? Check. Glowing base? Check, but only if you preorder the exclusive edition of the polystone statue for $269.99, as opposed to the non-lit version for $249.99. Batch numbers have yet to be announced, but expect a lot less of light legs Ganondorf compared to the dark feet model. The 15 inch statue is supposed to ship in the third quarter of 2015.


Remember when everyone was upset over Wind Waker's cel-shading? Any lingering doubts faded when Link went up against this version of Ganondorf. There's something about the kiddy-ish art direction that makes evil even more evil, and this statue captures that effect nicely.

Thanks a lot for putting this up just before tax returns come in, First 4 Figures, you jerks.