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The Wii U's Controllers Are REALLY Expensive

Illustration for article titled The Wii Us Controllers Are REALLY Expensive

When the Wii U goes on sale in Japan on December 8, the cheaper of the two hardware bundles available will be priced at ¥26250.


If you want to buy a second Wii U controller, though - and remember, the system does support two, even if early games won't - you're going to have to pay.


A standalone Wii U pad will cost ¥13440. Or, half the price of the entire console. That's unprecedented in home console gaming, at least for a standard peripheral at this stage of its life.

Let's convert that to US Dollars. It's a little unfair, given the conversion rate doesn't reflect what the console will actually cost in the West, but this is just for illustrative purposes.

¥26250 converts today to USD$337. A controller, at ¥13440, converts to USD$172.

That's insane. It's expected, since so much of the Wii U's appeal - not to mention tech, since it's capable of acting as a second screen - is packed into the pad, but still. You can understand why Nintendo doesn't expect many games, or gamers, to be using two of these things.


Handy tip: don't ever, ever break your Wii U controller.

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I think people are confusing the price for what the tablet actually is. Yes its expensive (probably will be less expensive in Americas case). But its quite reasonable and most people will not understand, while some never will. Its a tablet. You can extend your games to the tablet much like a Vita from the PS3. Part of the game is the tablet. Not sure why that's hard to understand.