The Wii U Isn't Sold Out. Here Are Some Retailers Still Selling Them.

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The pre-release hype from outlets like GameStop led most people to believe that the Wii U was a launch-day sellout. And hey, for some retailers, it probably was. But that doesn't mean the new console is sold out.


At time of posting, late on Monday night, there are nationwide retailers in the United States with Wii U consoles in stock and on the shelf—which is not surprising, considering Reggie Fils-Aime told us America would be getting a larger stock. A quick search of Target's website, for example, shows five stores in the NYC/NJ area around our head office have Wii Us on the shelf. Gadget Review points out that a number of Sam's Club stores across the US also have units in stock.

Seems Best Buy will rarely be in danger of being without them over the holidays either, with Game Informer's Jim Reilly being told "While we will have a constant flow of inventory for the Wii U throughout the holidays, we expect there to be great demand."

In terms of online retailers, Walmart still has Wii Us in stock on its national site, albeit at a $60 markup (though they are offering free shipping). Its records also show it has units available in stores.

Whether the console is under-selling or Nintendo was, unlike the Wii, ready for demand, it doesn't matter. All we know from this info is that if you'd resigned yourself to missing out on a Wii U in 2012 because you didn't preorder at GameStop, you have options.



It's no surprise! There are still lots of them sitting on shelves in different stores where I'm at. Which makes sense, this system is a joke.