The Wii U Isn't Just A Large Scale DS In Function, It's One In Spirit As Well

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Nintendo's Wii U is out, and say what you will about the innovative new controller or long loading times, it's definitely making its mark on the gaming world.


In a recent interview on Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun, Shigesato Itoi, creator of the Earthbound series, sat down with the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, and executive managing director of Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, to talk about Nintendo's new console and the influence that Nintendo's former third president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, had on it.

According to Miyamoto, the biggest change in hardware development for Nintendo happened back during the conception of the DS. Before the DS, the traditional template to releasing a new system was simply to take the previous system and upgrade the specs. "When we developed the DS, we started from the question, ‘If we make a high spec Gameboy Advance, is it something people will want?'" recalled Miyamoto. "If you make the same sort of thing, there's no uniqueness to it. When there's nothing unique, all you get as a result is a price war." It was then that Yamauchi brought up the idea for a 2-screen system and changed the game entirely.

Ever since the DS, Yamauchi's philosophy of adding something unique has lived on and can be seen in every console. Now with the Wii U, the philosophy has manifested in taking a TV console and giving it a second screen. Said Iwata, "Mr. Yamauchi had no direct input in the development of the Wii U, but indirectly, you could say his idea from the DS is connected."

Throughout the first part of this eight part interview, the adoration and respect for Yamauchi is palpable. Miyamoto and Iwata dish out the love for their former boss and his philosophy and influence. "Even before the DS was born, we often heard Mr. Yamauchi say ‘Don't do the same as what's been done before' over and over." recalled Iwata. "I practically had calluses on my ears." added Miyamoto with a laugh.

The Wii U has just begun its lifetime as Nintendo's flagship console and who knows what the future holds for it. For now, it certainly stands out as a different and unique game system. I'm sure Yamauchi is proud, boys.

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And that's exactly why I don't like it. There's just no need for two screens. I used to be a big Nintendo fan but in recent years I've just grown tired of their gimmicks. Even their software suffers because of it since the priority is always to make the game utilize the gimmick, rather than seek real gameplay innovation. The GBA and the Gamecube were the last two great Nintendo systems in my opinion. I played the crap outta them and loved every minute.