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The Wii U Does Not Come with a Sensor Bar (in Japan)

Illustration for article titled The Wii U Does Not Come with a Sensor Bar (in Japan)

The Wii came with a Sensor Bar. The Wii U does not. The logic behind this seems to be that Nintendo thinks Wii U customers already have a Wii, so they can use that Sensor Bar with the Wii U.


Those customers who do not have a Sensor Bar, Nintendo is more than happy to sell them one for ¥2,030.

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So, I won't be able to trade in my Wii for a Wii U because I'll still need my old sensor bar if I want to play my old games or use the controllers I already have? Seems like a questionable decision on their end, but hey, I'm sure it will work out fine for them anyway. They're Nintendo; they can get away with most anything.