The Whole Final Fantasy XV TGS Presentation Is Now In English

Above, for your viewing convenience: a solid 50 minutes of Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata talking about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Final Fantasy Agito, and of course, the fifteenth main entry in Square's ubiquitous RPG series.


Though this presentation happened last month during the Tokyo Game Show, this is the first time Square has released a version with English subtitles. The FFXV stuff starts at 10:55. None of this is going to be new information for Final Fantasy fans who have been gobbling up every morsel since TGS, but it's worth watching if you want to know as much as possible about the game.

Some interesting tidbits, for example:

  • There's a block button, and blocking/evading costs MP.
  • You can't switch characters, sadly. Noctis or bust.
  • There's a dedicated jump button—a first for any main Final Fantasy game.
  • The most recent FFXV trailer might not show off as many features as the one from E3 2013, but Tabata says they're still working on porting everything over.
  • "The dungeons are extremely challenging! The enemies use a lot of status ailment attacks."

There's much more in the video, of course. Check out our interview with Tabata for more on FFXV, too.


Blocking or evading costs MP.

Well... I'm not sure how to take that. Dodging is about the only thing I can get right in most action-based games, so that's usually the only thing that keeps me alive. (Can't block to save my life, and certainly can't time anything else.)

Also not sure how I feel about the difficulty being advertised as "lots of status effects," which are typically just "super obnoxious."

Man, the more I hear about this game, the more I think I just don't have enough of a frame of reference to even begin to figure out if I'd like it or not. I was planning on withholding judgment until at least the first reviews came out anyway, but I never know what to think.