The Whispered World Is Coming To America

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Daedalic Entertainment is pleased to announce that its award-winning, hand-painted adventure game The Whispered World is finally coming to North America, with Viva Entertainment publishing the German game in the states this April.


I've been following The Whispered World for what seems like years now, so news of a North American release for the gorgeous PC adventure game is incredibly exciting. Nearly as exciting as it is for Daedalic's managing director Carsten Fichtelmann.

"With so many gamers and adventure fans worldwide impatiently awaiting the release of The Whispered World, we are very happy to be working with Viva Media to bring this multi-award-winning game to stores analog and digital in North America."

The Whispered World is a classic point-and-click adventure game, revolving around a clown named Sadwick sent on an adventurous journey by a strange blue creature, accompanied by his pet Spot. The visuals are amazing, and the action is nice and slow-paced, just as adventure fans like it.

The Whispered World is due for release in North America on April 26. For more information, check out the game's official website.



That is gorgeous.

I've found some pretty creative point-and-click adventure games. For those who aren't turned off by the cute, whimsical presentation, I recommend this.