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Yo, this upcoming week is totally tubular and rad. Like, you know it is just super rad. Very gnarly. Other 80s slang and phrases. Rad is coming out next week. I love the look of this game, but it doesn’t sound like it is very......rad. See what I did there? Moving on.


Next weekend I won’t be here. I will be out in the world, traveling the roads and stopping at fast food joints in other states and going “This is so weird but so familiar.” Truly this is a great country and the best way to experience it is on its highways. So next weekend you will be in the loving embrace of some other folks who are going to provide you with great content! I can’t wait to read it next week!

Beyond Rad, a few other things are coming out. But we are still in the middle of a summer drought when it comes to big games. Remnant: From The Ashes might have a generic name, but I’ve heard good things about it. The next episode of Life Is Strange 2 is coming out this week as well. And finally, Yui-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist: Link Evolution wins this week’s award for “Longest Name.” Congrats and shout out to the heart of the cards!


Other stuff is coming out this week! Check out the list below:

Monday, August 19

  • Blood Magic | PC
  • Strazeal | PC
  • Incident Commander | PC, Mac
  • Block Dodge Challenge | PC
  • Trollskog | PC

Tuesday, August 20

  • Remnant: From The Ashes | PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • RAD | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Yui-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist: Link Evolution | Switch
  • IN-VERT | Switch
  • Truck Racing Championship | Switch
  • Power Punch II | PC
  • Tinhead | PC
  • Pest Control | PC
  • UnderMine | PC, Mac

Wednesday, August 21

  • Gift Of Parthax | Xbox One
  • Smoots Summer Games | Xbox One
  • Wellington’s Victory | PC, Mac
  • Songs Of Skydale | PC
  • Flip Polygon | PC
  • Ash Asylum | PC
  • Gods Of Havoc: Fall To Earth | PC
  • Nubla | PC
  • Steambirds Alliance | PC, Mac

Thursday, August 22

  • Black Desert | PS4
  • Oninaki | PS4, Switch, PC
  • Sega Ages Puyo Puyo | Switch
  • Sega Ages Space Harrier | Switch
  • Life Is Strange 2: Episode 4 | PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Doughlings: Invasion | PS4
  • Invisigun Reloaded | Switch
  • Milkmaid Of The Milky Way | Switch
  • Path Of Sin: Greed | Switch
  • Everdark Tower | Switch
  • Mr. Blaster | Switch
  • Lines Infinite | Switch

Friday, August 23

  • Gnomes Garden: Lost King | Xbox One
  • Mable & The Wood | PC, Mac
  • Snooker 19 | Switch
  • Plunge | Switch, PC, Mac
  • Gurgamoth | Switch
  • Biorhythm | PC, Mac
  • Darkspace | PC

Saturday, August 24

  • Rainforest Solitaire | PC
  • Mummy Contact | PC

Sunday, August 25

  • Zombie Golf | PC

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