The War Z Looks Like a Zombie Game With Less Zombies

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The footage you'll see here won't stop people comparing this game to DayZ, but it might be worth a watch for those who find the ArmA II mod a little too janky and volatile for their tastes.


The War Z is an upcoming multiplayer zombie shooter that leaves the frantic action of games like Left 4 Dead behind in favour of a slower, tenser focus on scrounging and surviving.

While this is tagged as a "co-op" trailer, there's little more "co-op" on display than a disembodied voice in your ear and a brief glimpse of some guy's head on an overpass. What you mostly see is a guy wandering around in the dark trying to find junk while avoiding (or killing) zombies.

I'm digging the slow pace on show here, and the fact it's appearing more polished than DayZ (which admittedly isn't hard), but it'll take some time with the game's levels and overall approach to survival to see whether it can match the ArmA mod's brutal and unforgiving appeal.

The War Z



I don't know it kind of feels like the arcade version of Day Z, if it manages to stay far far away from trying to paint a fresh coating of paint over War INC then i'll check it out, tons of people have blind faith in these guys but I am still kind of sketchy about them being here just to milk money, I can't wait until the stand alone of Day Z approaches. It's also odd how scripted the guys was so fake if you're going to do that invite some real players with a following like maybe twitch tv streamers or some