The Voice of GlaDOS Is Back for More Portal Work

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The very talented Ellen McLain, a singer by trade but best-known to you lot for her voice-acting work in Valve games, is apparently returning this week to her most famous role: that of bitchy artificial intelligence GlaDOS from the Portal series.


A tweet from McLain's husband, John Lowrie, reads "Ellen is going in Tuesday for a new game and more Portal work".


We could read a ton into that brief sentence, but that would be both premature and highly speculative! Which when it comes to Valve games is downright pointless. Instead, we'll just warn you: that new game could be anything (she's a Valve favourite after all, working on more than just Portal), and more Portal work could be anything from DLC to a cartoon to an upcoming line of ringtones and talking bobbleheads.

Still. It's Portal something, and for most of you, that'll be good enough!

John Lowrie [Twitter]

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Am I the only one who thinks that recording lines for a game would be an absolute blast? Lots of hard work, to be sure. But indredibly rewarding to watch the game later and see yourself as some sort of mad/insane/romantic/evil/heroic alter-ego. And if you're lucky, the game is a hit and you become well-known for being a character thousands of people love.