Destructoid’s Chris Carter inspired me to go shopping for one of those fancy Z-Ring bracelets being released with Pokémon Sun and Moon, but after seeing the kids modeling them in the official product shots, I’m not so sure I can pull one off.

Made by Tomy, the Z-Ring accessory features special crystals (most sold separately) corresponding with each of the 18 Pokémon types: Fire, Water, Grass, Smelly, Gassy, Delicious, Fairy, Dragon, Wheat, Medical Professional, Slurpee, Dark, Darker, So Dark, Capricious, Normal, Paramore and Totilo. Affixing the collectible crystals to your Z-Ring and placing it on your wrists makes you feel like you’ve got a colorful piece of plastic strapped to your wrist, which is a pretty great feeling.

RIP The Adventures of Fahey. You were silly.

They also let players experience the thrill of Pokémon Sun and Moon’s new ultra-powerful Limit Breaks on your arm, vibrating, making noise and glowing to indicate you did a thing. The product listing on Amazon also suggest it can be used for real-life roleplay.

Pictured: Child product model roleplaying being alone in a white room looking badass.


Yeah, don’t think I can pull that off. Not sure any of you could either, unless you’re secretly a child product model, in which case you shouldn’t be reading this as I sometimes use words like fick and shut, only with the vowels reversed.

Of course that will not stop us. When Pokémon Sun and Moon arrive, I expect a full gallery of pictures of older players trying to capture the power of this colorful plastic. And you know I’ll go first.