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The Very Last Face I'd Expect to See on an Arcade Stick

Illustration for article titled The Very Last Face Id Expect to See on an Arcade Stick

I've seen many a custom arcade joystick in my days, but none moved me quite as much as the world's first and only Michael McDonald Arcade Fighting Joystick, now available on eBay.


Not possessing a joystick featuring former Doobie Brothers front man and five-time Grammy award-winning singer / songwriter Michael McDonald might be the one thing keeping you from fighting game greatness. One look into those soulful blue eyes and your joystick arm becomes an extension of his strong and soothing baritone, ensuring that your enemies never keep forgetting how much you kicked their ass.

eBay seller grithiffthsgamesmegamart explains the inspiration and creation of this powerful gaming artifact.

I made this after waking up suddenly at quarter of 5 one morning, bed soaked in sweat, and a higher power made its vision clear to me: build the world's first Michael McDonald arcade joystick. It has six action arcade buttons, plus two buttons on the rear (start and select buttons). Joystick is four-directional and works well. Blue button theme to match Michael McDonald's soul-piercing blue eyes. The front and rear metal plates are painted with a metallic automotive deep-blue, but has some minor wear on the edges from use. The sides of the device are finished with stained oak rails. Unit rests on four heavy rubber feet. I have kept it clean and perspiration-free. Comes from a smoke-free houseboat.


Still not convinced? Look a little closer.

Illustration for article titled The Very Last Face Id Expect to See on an Arcade Stick

How can you not want this? Oh what, just because it's for the PSone and PlayStation 2? Nothing a little creative wiring couldn't fix. And even if you've never touched a wire stripper, his soothing presence is more than enough to up your skills.

I want this. I wish I were kidding.

Custom Michael McDonald Arcade Fighting Joystick Controller PS1/PS2 [eBay via Nintendo Age, thanks Joe Joe!]

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Smug Anime Face

I see your Michael McDonald and raise you a Misha from Katawa Shoujo.

WAHAHA indeed!