The Vatican's Favorite Steam Game Is... Natural Selection

Pope Francis did say that he was totally cool with evolution last year.

Steam Spy, a service that collects data from Steam user profiles, recently shared some pretty funny info about the Vatican’s gaming habits. These are the Vatican’s top eight games, according to available data. Click on the top left magnifying glass icon to expand the image:


It’s...a kind of hilarious list. I would have never guessed an anime ass game like Hyperdimension Neptunia was a Vatican favorite! The Stanley Parable though—a game where a voice tells you how to live your life—is fitting. Whereas something titled ‘Natural Selection 2’ as the very top game seems almost ironic (it’s a game about humans vs. aliens, for those that don’t know).

The Steam Spy Twitter account has been sharing other fun factoids about popular Steam games per region, which you can check out here—one of my favorite tidbits is the fact that America’s Army is played the most by Italians, with Americans coming in second.

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