Gaming has its share of enigmatic stars, and Nick Smith, better known as Ulillillia, is certainly among them. In this trailer for the upcoming documentary The Platform Master, we get a flash-tour through Jeffrey Eugene Hoch's film about the man himself.

The trailer describes Ulillillia as "Gamer, author, game designer, math savant, artist, filmmaker, neighbor, student, programmer, internet celebrity, dreamer, fireworks lover, philanthropist"… and a bunch of other funny half-serious titles, and flies through a huge number of different aspects of Ulillillia's life.


The Platform Master looks to be fun and interesting. I'll admit I don't know that much about the guy. I'd be into a film that takes an unpretentious look into the life of someone like Smith, who sees things just a bit (or probably a lot) differently than you or I.

The Platform Master [Official Site via]

Ulillillia [Official site]

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