The Unreal Engine, Used To Create Better Dick Physics

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We’ve seen video games nail cloth physics, hair physics, and even water physics. Penis physics, though? That’s mostly a new frontier.


Massive NSFW warning ahead!

While games like Mount Your Friends and Loadout were some of the first games to venture into this somewhat uncharted territory, we now have a more modern example of people feeling out how to render realistic dick physics. Behold, this hilarious (and painful) physics test in the Unreal engine by tentakeljugend:

Wow. It does look like there are still some kinks to iron out here, but hopefully stuff like this makes it into an actual game—as we’ve seen before, some players are hungry for it.


And just in case the video gets taken down from YouTube, some GIFs for your amusement:

(Image via Shutterstock)


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Too floaty and floppy.

But that’s just how most in game physics are for soft materials. Meh.