The United States Space Force Is Basically Setting Up Destiny

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Earlier today, United States vice president Mike Pence announced that the members of the Space Force—a big dumb vanity project by the big wet toddler currently living in the White House—will be called “Guardians,” much like the player characters of the Destiny franchise.

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons obviously got a kick out of that.


I don’t know enough about Destiny to make a closing joke here, so I’ll just mention The Last Starfighter. Remember that movie? Good flick. Anyway, have a nice weekend.

Staff Writer, Kotaku

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Gene Jacket

If this whole thing wasn’t, as you said, a vanity project of a dumb, racist, sexist pile of human shit I’d be incredibly it stands, it’s just a $15 Billion dollar bad joke...

But we can’t have a measly $600 stimulus cause of “the deficit”...ffs....