The fancy mustache is the primary weapon in our war against those that would dismiss gaming as a barbaric hobby practiced only by children and immature adult-types, but not everyone can sport a fancy mustache, can they? The Mustache Monocle says yes they can.


Hewn from the same trees that once were harvested for paper used exclusively in the printing of playbills and tasteful poetry collections, the Mustache Monocle is, as once would expect, a wooden mustache on a chain, to be raised beneath the nose in times where the extra-added sophistication is needed. Isn't that all the time?

Take PAX East, for instance, where this mini documentary was shot. It's a collection of some of the finest minds in gaming, made finer by the presence of these carved wonders.


Those interested in purchasing their own artificial sophistication may do so by visiting Geek Chic, where wood and wonder collide.

Curiosities [Geek Chic HQ]

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