The Ugliest Consoles Ever

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The Sega Saturn was pretty unattractive. The NES was pretty much just a box. Compared to some of the consoles found on Pointless Banter's list of the 10 Ugliest Gaming Consoles, they're gorgeous.


Take the Rollet Videocolor here. With it's lovely bright yellow with blue accents, it's the only video game console visible from space. Hideous, right? And that's one of the more attractive ones. Did you know the Fairchild F came with its own breast milk pumps?

The only choice on their list I disagree with is probably the Vectrex. I had one of those lovely, vector-based bastards and it was one of the most enjoyable consoles I ever owned. Wish I still had it. Unfortunately the guy I loaned it to shot himself in the head playing Russian roulette, and I never had the heart to go ask his mother for it back. You should probably just hit the link before I stray even more off topic.


10 of the Ugliest Game Consoles of All Time [Pointless Banter - Thanks Kevin!]

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This list is moronic. They're all beautiful! My vectrex is also the most spectacular "console" ever made. It still amazes friends when they give it a whirl.