The Truth About World of Warcraft's End Game

Disorganized raid groups, an empty PvP zone, and the ever-growing need for Apexis Crystals. Mooclucking’s funny guide to fresh max level characters seems about right.

Patch 6.2 is out for a few days now so we’ll see how things change. Fingers crossed for a fixed Ashran full of people doing PvP!

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Lyle Petersminkle

Are these actually the graphics that are used in WoW gameplay??! I realize the game’s a few years old, but still, that’s no excuse for such lousy, late 90s/early 00s graphics. Even old games like GTA 4 have updates/mods with much better texture packs that make the games look current-generation.

I suppose I’ll leave here with a clever quote: The only thing I can say about WoW is wow. And not a good wow.