2010's Tron: Legacy’s has nothing on the 1982 original in terms of character development and story, but it looked real good. It certainly makes for an attractive new addition to the Lego Ideas line of fan-created sets. You can almost hear the Daft Punk.

Submitted to the Lego Ideas program by fan builders/reviewers BrickBros UK in October of 2015, the Tron: Legacy set started off as just Sam Flynn on a light cycle. Since being approved as an official Lego set in November of last year, the set has grown to include the evil Rinzler with his orange cycle, as well as digital warrior Quorra, because it’s silly to do anything involving Tron: Legacy without including her.


It’s a relatively small set with only 230 pieces, but it makes the pieces it does use count. Like the awesome use of a translucent panel to represent the trail of a light cycle.

Or the way the black, light blue and translucent pieces come together to form a display base that’s perfect for light cycle races, Identity Disc battles or display.


Like most Lego Ideas kits, the Tron: Legacy set also includes an instruction booklet filled with facts about the movie, the set’s creators and bios on the characters. Check out the slideshow below for more pics.


The Lego Ideas Tron: Legacy set will be available on March 31 for $34.99.

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