This sort of trash is not common in Hong Kong. This isn't an everyday occurrence. Then again, how often does a new iPhone launch?

These photos were uploaded by Facebook user Hong Kong Live and show the wake of trash left by those queued up for the iPhone 6. People online in Hong Kong were very surprised to see this kind of mess.


Here, you can see photos from Next Media of the line in front of a Granville Road retailer in Hong Kong, with hundreds of people waiting for the iPhone 6.

[Photo: Next Media]

[Photo: Next Media]

[Photo: Next Media@Facebook]

And here, it seems, is the result of people waiting outside for days on end. According to news reports, many people were waiting for the gold 128GB iPhone 6 Plus. That particular model is already fetching a high price. Sina reports that one reseller is even asking nearly US$3,000 for a gold iPhone 6 Plus.


Local residents, however, are complaining online because they are not happy about the trash iPhone buyers left behind. I wouldn't be, either.

Below are photos from Hong Kong Live:

請廣傳! [Hong Kong Live]

iPhone6重掀黄牛潮 从中国香港蔓延到日本和美国 [Sina]

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