Colleges that provide easily-accessible free safe sex supplies are already rad, but it certainly doesn't to do something a little more playful than 'here are a bunch of baskets with condoms, dental dams and other fun stuff,' too.

Case in point: the mysterious college that Redditor ParadeOfTigers attends, which uses Pokémon references to promote safe sex—so it's a little more elaborate than just giving out supplies and telling people about STDs. Pictures of starter Pokémon have been hopefully glued and not stapled to Trojans, for example—in my perfect world there is actually a difference between the Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur condoms (which would obviously mean Bulbasaur is the awful flavored condoms because those are seriously The Worst*), but probably not.

Various STDs are also personified as fake Pokémon, too, and it seems they were rather clever about it. Gonorrhea, for example, is a ghost type—because you may not show symptoms if you have it. Get it?


And oh, hey. There's a Zelda reference in here too. Gotta love nerdy residential assistants!

*This is a joke, Bulbasaur is not the worst. (Maybe.)