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The Smash Bros. community has seen a lot of hype in the last year, culminating in a lot of excellent plays. Now that 2014 is over, let's look back at some of the best moments in competitive Smash Bros. plays.

EvenMatchupGaming has been counting down the best plays of 2014 this entire week, and their picks are a good showcase of some of the best that Smash Bros. has to offer. The video above has the ten best plays of 2014, which you'll want to start with if you're short on time. I'm a big fan of match between Mango and Leffen—while watching, you have a sense of disbelief that Fox is going to get four-stocked, especially as the crowd cheers for it...but it happens! Same thing with the insanely quick Pikachu match highlighted here. So clutch. And that Captain Falcon that takes the match, despite being over 200%? Amazing.


Here are the rest of the top plays of 2014.





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