Just when I thought it was safe to watch original PlayStation 3 programming, Sony returns with The Tester 2 Reunion Special, in which Big Fazeek proves once again that he is not capable of behaving like an adult.

Stop this madness! I liveblogged all of the episodes. I interviewed the winner. I put Big Fazeek's ridiculously giant head out of my mind forever, but no. Sony has to go and drag it all back up for one last hurrah on February 15. Looks like Mo' Chocolate, Scooter, Gaymer, Tripplethreat, and that other girl whose name I can never remember are back to discuss their experiences on the road to almost (except Gaymer) becoming PlayStation testers.


It almost sounds pleasant, until Dr. Asshole shows up to ruin the party.

Maybe the other guys won't notice, and I won't have to liveblog this one. Fingers crossed!

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