The Tester 2: Episode 3: "Can You Hear Me Now?" Liveblog: Communication Is Key

Illustration for article titled The Tester 2: Episode 3: Can You Hear Me Now? Liveblog: Communication Is Key

Can SCEA Santa Monica Studio Producer Deborah Mars keep Big Fazeek from eating the other competitors like some sort of cereal? Let's watch The Tester 2 episode three and find out!


Things heated up on The Tester 2 during last week's episode. Tensions flared, the word douchebag was thrown about more than once, and a team that in my opinion did not deserve to win the big challenge walked away with the grand prize. Can it get any worse?

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Who's that incredibly beautiful woman to the right?

*edit nm found her giggity: Meridith Molinari*