The past decade or so game budgets have ballooned and now often rival those of an average Hollywood movie, and according to AllTime10s, these are the most expensive of the bunch.

10. Deadpool — $102,100,246
9. Unreleased Halo MMO — $103,242,337
8. Max Payne 3 — $108, 776,623
7. Red Dead Redemption — $109,078,902
6. Too Human — $110,473,147
5. Star Wars: The Old Republic — $211,481,334
4. Final Fantasy VII — $214,481,334
3. Grand Theft Auto V — $275,568,302
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 — $277,168,973
1. Destiny — $500,000,000


Did any of these entries surprise you at all? I'll admit, I did not expect Deadpool to be here, and I'm hoping most of that cost was marketing and licensing because it sure wasn't worth that price tag.

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