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The Super Mario Bros. Version Of An Incredible Touchdown

You don't have to like football to be impressed by Marshawn Lynch's incredible touchdown run for the Seattle Seahawks against the New Orleans Saints on Saturday. But if you appreciate the sounds of Super Mario Bros, it helps.


So since we already showed you the retro Tecmo Bowl version of the play, enjoy the Super Mario version.


The Marshawn Lynch touchdown, as I saw it [YouTube, via Twitter]

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This video is amazing, but nothing compared to the pure joy of watching the run take place as it happened as a lifelong Seahawks fan. My father and I were yelling at the TV at the top of our lungs and by the time Lynch was in the endzone it had turned into an incomprehensible wall of noise haha.

Now here's hoping we can pull off another upset in Chicago and Green Bay beats Atlanta next week. Having the NFC championship game in Seattle would be the greatest trolling in NFL history, especially if it gets us to the Super Bowl.