The Stunning Debut Trailer For Hardware, A Game By Some Guys Who Made PC Classic Homeworld

First revealed all the way back in 2011, it's only today that we're getting our first (barely) moving look at Hardware, a new game from a studio made up of a number of former Relic developers, including Rob Cunningham, Homeworld's art director.


So if you think the teaser trailer above looks (and sounds) familiar, that's why. It's also why it's giving me goosebumps.

You can read more about Hardware by clicking the related story link to the right.

[thanks Tyler!]


A number of those wrecks were taken straight from Homeworld/Homeworld 2. The one at :29 is a Homeworld 1 Harvester, you can see the bridge sticking out on the left side on top. :36 is a Homeworld 2 Worker, :39 I believe is one of the transport ships from the second missions of Homeworld 2, they had that more unique design of having the bridge hanging off to the sides of the ships as you can see on the bottom, may even be a battlecruiser.

I would love it if this tied, even loosely into the Homeworld series. The style and designs in both gamers were fantastic and really had a uniqueness to them. Personally I'm picturing this as a "This planet is where they dumped all the wrecks after the Vaygre war, and many thousands of years into the future it's been forgotten about" sort of tie in.