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The Street Fighter V Beta Is Back Online If You're Incredibly Lucky

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Back online briefly last night after launch problems brought it down, Capcom’s beta test for Street Fighter V is up and running for those lucky enough to get online past an assortment of numbered errors.

Capcom continues to struggle to handle the massive numbers of pre-order customers (and those with codes) who were guaranteed a spot in the incredibly early beta test for the latest Street Fighter game. Today’s beta session launched at 2 PM Eastern time and the login servers were immediately slammed.


Error 21007 has been what I’ve been seeing up until recently this afternoon, which means the servers are at capacity. Around 3:20 PM I started getting 10003—disconnected from game server, along with 22001—unable to connect to update server. As of this writing, we’re back to 21007.

But there is hope! I watched streamer KingRadinov play a couple of bouts live on Twitch before succumbing to the error wave, so people are getting in.


According to the official Capcom post for this session, server capacity is being increased as today’s test continues, so there is still hope.

It’s frustrating but remember—back before beta tests were glorified demos they were actually used to test things. We are testing things, and things are failing. Thanks to our tireless efforts this shouldn’t happen when the game officially launches.