Gather round the digital fire, everyone. It is time for a fascinating and educational PlayStation history lesson. Don't worry, this won't take long.

The folks over at DYKGaming are at it again—only this time, they're here to tell us all about the major beats of the PS1's lifespan. In this video, you'll learn stuff like:

  • How the PlayStation was the result of a deal gone bad between Sony and Nintendo
  • How CDs fared against cartridges
  • How Ken Kutaragi took an interest in game development—and how it almost cost him his job
  • Why Nintendo developed a CD add-on for the Super Nintendo
  • Why Nintendo didn't partner with Sony for hardware development
  • How Sony almost didn't even go into game/hardware development
  • Why the Phillips CD-I was even a thing
  • What features made the PS1 successful at the time
  • What some of the weird prototype controllers for the PS1 looked like
  • What some of the logos Sony considered for the PS1 looked like
  • Why Squaresoft decided to break their exclusivity deal with Nintendo and started making games for Sony
  • What the special programming-centric version of the PS1 was

And more! A pretty good watch if you want to learn something new, or perhaps if you want a refresher on some old-school console history.

Boy. Can you imagine how different everything would be had the Sony-Nintendo deal not gone sour? Funny how things turn out!

You can see more of Normal Boot's work here.

PlayStation - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Caddicarus [DYKGaming]

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